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Young couple fostering Black love with ‘Essence of Love Retreat’ in Jamaica 

Jody Ferguson and her husband Lancelot have pioneered a unique retreat experience to nurture Black love and foster entrepreneurship. The Essence of Love Retreat offers like-minded couples a space to connect.

“We decided to curate a retreat that nurtures the spaces of Black love and allows us to connect with like-minded couples that have the same goals of entrepreneurship or becoming the head executive in whatever company they are,” explained Jody.

The first Essence of Love Retreat occurred at Sandals Dunn’s River Resorts in Jamaica from April 27 to May 1, 2024. Jody allowed couples to bond and confront conflicts in a supportive environment. She emphasized the importance of Black love, especially when nurturing oneself, which is essential for nurturing future generations.

The couples at the Essence of Love retreat in Jamaica enjoyed several activities to build their relationship stronger.Photo courtesy Jody Ferguson

“Black love is important for us to nurture ourselves to nurture our kids, for our kids to see what love looks like, and also safe love,” said Jody. “We wanted to create space within that black environment where we can talk about these things.”

The retreat offered workshops, discussions, and activities on emotional awareness, conflict resolution, and healing. It aimed to empower couples to strengthen their relationships while embracing their individuality. Beyond the retreat, Jody owns White Rose Home Health Care, a home care agency based in Connecticut. With nearly a decade of experience, the agency provides essential care and companionship to seniors, the disabled, and autistic children.

Jody’s journey into entrepreneurship began with a background in social work, eventually leading her to establish a home care agency. “I wanted to create a space where seniors still felt loved and cared for, where we’re like their family,” she explains.

Some of the couples in Jamaica at the Essence of Love Retreat.Photo courtesy Jody Ferguson

In addition to the retreat and home care agency, the savvy business couple also runs an event space in Shelton, Connecticut, offering catering services specializing in Caribbean cuisine. Their commitment to entrepreneurship and community empowerment is evident in their diverse ventures.

As Jody and Lancelot celebrate their upcoming third wedding anniversary, they reflect on their journey of love and entrepreneurship. Their story, featured in the New York Times, highlights their dedication to fostering meaningful connections and positively impacting their community.

With the Essence of Love Retreat set to become an annual event, the couple is excited to continue promoting Black love and entrepreneurship, inspiring couples to build strong, resilient relationships.

Visit or @essenceofloveretreat for more information about the Essence of Love Retreat and to join the waiting list for future events.

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