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E-CHRIS “The R&B Hustler”

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Artist:E-CHRIS “The R&B Hustler”


E-Chris, “The R&B Hustler” 2ndTenor and Baritone. Singer/Songwriter/Actor from Brooklyn, NY has been on the scene since the ’90s, but the crowd stood up and took notice in 2003 when he was called onto the Madison Square Garden stage by the legendary Chaka Khan and he masterfully performed an impromptu yet emotional acapella piece. His smooth tone and enticing style left the audience simply wanting more.

Since that time, E-Chris has been featured on 107.5 WBLS’ Shadow Night Club, as well as various showcases throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan where admirers donned him “The R&B Hustler”. It was his soulful cover of an R&B classic that has won him 1st place on Amateur Night At The Apollo, but it was a performance of his own club banger “Step Your Game Up” and the sexy “Me And You” that had set first to the BB King Blues Club in 2017 when he opened up for R&B group (Force MD’s). Which also put him in the bless position in 2018 to open up for R&B artists for different performances. (Carl Thomas), (Hi-Five), (Case), and (Christopher Williams). In 2019 E-Chris “The R&B Hustler “ is still showing how musically inclined he is by continuing to capture the attention of different radio stations that play his songs and, gaining more love and support from the public audience while on stage performing. In July 2019 E-CHRIS had released a single titled LET ME SHOW YA. The single was placed on Tunecore and played on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, and Teerex Radio Station top 50 Charts. By October 2019, LET ME SHOW YA was # 1 on Teerex Radio Station Top 50 Charts. Then that’s when the single spread through to other radio stations like wildfire and capturing the attention of the listeners and social media.

The song successfully carried over into 2020 and, that’s when more doors opened for E-CHRIS and he was booked to perform in Cancun Mexico for Valentine’s Day at an all-inclusive adult resort. The performance was a huge success. E-CHRIS “The R&B Hustler” was able to catch the attention in another country and showed how romantic he can be all-around when it comes to expressing his love Vocally with his smooth soothing 2nd Tenor / Baritone vocals. However, due to the worldwide tragedy of COVID19, a lot of Chris’s performances were postponed. But it didn’t stop E-CHRIS from continuing his creativity. In July of 2020, E-CHRIS released another single. He wanted to keep the attention of all who have shown their love and support by creating a song that would make the public happy with a smile and, take their minds off of the huge worldly impact of COVID19. The title of the new single is (YOUR NUMBER ONE). The song goes out to all genders and ethnicities worldwide when it comes to, expressing genuine Love, Happiness, Joy, Romance, Excitement, and most of all, Determination.

E-Chris is educated in Music Industry laws and has made film appearances with Spike Lee films (Girl 6), (Bamboozoo) and film producer Gina Prince by The Wood HBO special (Disappearing Acts). In which E-Chris doubled for the actor (Wesley Snipes). E-Chris “The R&B Hustler’s” goal is to nurture a new generation of R&B lovers through his sensuous brand of writing and performing. E-Chris is a captivating artist who is to be reckoned with.