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Phanuel St-vil


Artist: Phanuel St-vil


Phanuel St. Vil is a Haitian-born Reggae-Pop recording artist and musician, living in Miami Beach, FL. The music that originally influenced Phanuel was through his Uncle, who played the guitar around the family as he entered grade school. The main music in his life at that time was Compas, a modern méringue musical genre in Haiti with European and African roots, that natives have been dancing and singing to since the 1800s.

Phanuel was just 7 years old when his Uncle moved to Miami, FL. His Father worked in Nassau, Bahamas and his mother tended to raising Phanuel and his siblings. Around 9 years of age, Phanuel noticed a void in his life due to his uncle not around anymore for him to listen to his music. So he set out to build his own guitar from scratch. He began visualizing how he could make a guitar on his own since his family was not able to have the means to purchase one. Phanuel picked up an empty aluminum cooking oil can his grandmother was finished with and preceded to shape it and cut a whole in center for acoustics. He asked his mother for money to go to the market and set out to buy guitar strings instead. Then proceeded to attach the strings, which he then played on this handmade instrument for about a year. Soon after, he desired an electric guitar. The sound of this guitar inspired him to try and make his own, and his family gave witticism when he set out on this journey. He would take apart his mothers radio so he could listen to his music amplified by pulling the wires from the speaker and attaching to his original guitar. Mrs. St.Vil was not pleased with this.

At the age of 14 he heard of a well-known music band in Port de Paix that seperated. He jumped on a bus to the city and began asking around where the leader of the group lived. He showed up to their doorstep and expressed his passion for music and proceeded to convince the man to rent his base, guitar and amp for 2 months.