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WIADCA Cares supports minority business, youth, seniors

Conceptualized by Trinidadian Angela Sealy, chairperson of the Brooklyn-based West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), with coordination efforts led by board members, including Michelle Gibbs-Francis, WIADCA Cares, an extended rapid response to COVID-19, has been providing free hot meals, sanitizers and face masks to almost 4,000 of the community’s most vulnerable residents, seniors.

WIADCA said partners that have supported are: Healthfirst, Auntie Wendy’s Catering, Caribbean Food Delights, EmblemHealth, Tropical Paradise, Jus’ Fishy, A Culinary Conversation, Tower Isles, Food Like Whoa!, Bedessee, Sweet Reason, Angostura, Chef Christopher DJ Bird, Fresh Direct, Campaign Against Hunger, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and Assemblywoman Diana Richardson.

WIADCA said WIADCA Cares also encompasses ice cream from Island Pops, vegan jerk chicken from Natural Blend, recipe from renowned Haitian-born Chef Thia’s new book and Caribbean-fusion delicacies from Savvy Bistro & Bar.

“Wanna sail on a plantain codfish boat from Lips Café or enjoy the catch of the day at Jus’ Fishy? Then follow Eat Caribbean NYC,” it said. “This year we rolled out a historical virtual presentation highlighting our Caribbean mixologists and culinary artisans to also include Brooklyn Perk Coffee, Island Burger, BK9, Tilly’s and Savannah Café.

“Our efforts have assisted these small minority-owned businesses in keeping staff employed, increasing sales, and providing visibility in the wake of the pandemic,” WIADCA Cares said. “Many businesses still need this support.”

In addition, WIADCA Cares said its educational programs include year-round music, arts, culture and technology workshops for youth and seniors citywide.

“These programs contribute to enhanced mental health and wellness, combat isolation and promote healthy socialization during extremely challenging times,” it said.

“In the midst of COVID, our economic impact remains intact through ongoing entrepreneurial opportunities, local neighborhood support, and contributing to city and state budgets,” it added.

“We look forward to continuing our service to the community through outreach, partnerships, door-to-door (food & mask) deliveries and distribution, and entertaining experiences, as we all work together to flatten the curve,” WIADCA Cares continued.

Follow WIADCA Cares on FB @BrooklynLaborDayCarnival or IG @wiadca; call at 718-467-1797; or email wiadcainc@gmail.com.

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