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Haitian musical talent, starlet, and “Love & Hip Hop New York” cast member Jennaske had delivered an emotional banger, pleading for “Trust.”

“It gives insight into a woman’s perspective on trust issues in relationships,” said Brooklyn’s entertainment promoter guru, Haitian American Marie Driven.

“Fueled by a reflective innuendo and beat, Jennaske effortlessly recites lyrics as if she is floating on clouds,” she added.

Driven said the emotional song is laced with creative metaphors and insightful bars about the difficulties women have in trusting men while in love.

“Relationships are difficult, and we must speak about the issues about them in healthy ways,” Jennaske said. “My music allows me to create a safe space for my fellow women to come together and let these men know that we deserve better.”

Along with the new single, Jennaske is set to star in an upcoming film, “Nicky & I.”

She reprised the role of Shannique alongside fellow actors and actresses Princess Adenike, Laura Clifton, TravQue, Meinhard St. John, Tom D’Agustino, and Elliot Lee Cowart.

The film is produced by Grammy-nominated artist Blackway, who curated the record “What’s Up Danger” from the critically-acclaimed “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.”

Jennaske wants listeners to “Trust” that the new single and upcoming film are worth paying attention to.

“To listen to the new single, you can give it a play on all streaming platforms,” said Driven, adding that the film release date is yet to be determined.

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