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Touting healthy juice blend to help boost immunity

Damion DaSilva, proprietor of Nicky’s Natural Fruit Juices in Guyana, is touting his lemon, lime, ginger, and turmeric blended juice, as the next big immunity booster to combat the raging omicron variant of the coronavirus, that has taken the lives of hundreds of nationals since the pandemic started in 2020.

As the desire for healthy options to combat the coronavirus continue to grow across the country, the businessman, who is adamant that fresh juices are healthy for the body, and is somewhat a medicine to help sufferers of the virus slow symptoms, and help curb transmission, is stepping up his crop of citrus fruits to meet the demand for the blend that has been selling out at his Camp Street location, and other outlets at Albert Street, and the City Mall in Regent Street, Georgetown.

During a recent interview with Caribbean Life on his expansive four farms in the rural area of Parika, in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region, DaSilva, took this reporter on a tour, and showed off his variety of fruits, he said are grown, specially to meet the fruit juice market.

Five acres of land are dedicated to growing ripe sweet cherries, crushed to make one of his biggest selling juices, while another five acres produce soursop, another super fruit along with the leaves, known for its health properties, that is said to slow the growth of cancer cells, and supposedly cure diabetes and thyroid diseases, and heals other chronic ailments.

For almost two hours, the farmer walked along acres of rich lands planted with fruits, neatly designed to showcase, turmeric, guava, passion fruit, plum, lichee, banana, golden apple, coconut, sweet tamarind, limes, lemon, cinnamon, spice, and fig, among others. Some he transplanted, from purchases made in the United States.

Caribbean Life contributor/photographer Tangerine Clarke, enjoying jelly from the coconut, picked from one of the farms owned by Damion DaSilva in Parika, West-Demerara, Guyana.

DaSilva exuded joy as he chronicled his hard work and dedication to the soil, and his mission to help feed, and meet the needs of “juice lovers,” for over 20 years, noting he was proud that he gets to use the finest crops from his own farm, to produce the most delicious, daily fresh fruit juices, to quench the thirst of thousands of Guyanese across the city.

“I visit the farm three times a week to pickup whatever harvest is ready,” said DaSilva, who also offers a menu of pastry and other breads, to meet customers needs when they purchase their favorite juice, added the agronomist, who is proud of his children, who help run the business efficiently.

He claimed that each juice has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids called citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels.

DaSilva lives by his slogan – “We make the best naturally made fruit juice and ice cream. Nicky’s only use the best fruits and ‘ultraviolet’ water purification.”

In addition to meeting the needs of their customers at home and abroad, DaSilva, and his wife, Nalini, a native of Parika where the farms are being cultured, also grow crops of cassava, lettuce, and other veggies to feed their family.

A poultry farm produces eggs for sale to some of the biggest restaurants, hotels and resorts in Guyana. Some of these businesses also serve products of Nicky’s Natural Fruit Juices in their establishments.

According to the businessman, Nicky’s Natural Fruit Juices, has recently rebranded its ice cream, and is once again serving various flavours including Cherry, Plum, Passion Fruit and Soursop, at the three locations on 7 Camp St Werk-en-Rust. 227-3880; 51 Albert & Robb streets, Bourda, 223-8487, and ground floor City Mall, Camp St., 654-3235.

For more information, check out Nicky’s at, or email:

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