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Spice ‘Inches’ closer to list of all-time great music artists

The Queen of Dancehall, Spice, is back with an energetic new single, “Inches,” accompanied by an eccentric music video.

“Inches” entails Spice showcasing her well-documented love for all hair types and instilling confidence in women to wear their different types of hair proudly. 

“A different viewpoint is captured with the vast music video with Spice and other beautiful Black women celebrating their hair proudly,” Marie Driven, a Brooklyn-based Haitian American entertainment guru, told Caribbean Life.

“From different colors and styles, the diversity of hairdos speaks dividends of the power women have in curating authentic empowering looks,” added Driven, managing partner of PlaybookMG. “Spice wanted to use her platform to help the world understand why women are so special with hair.” 

Spice added, “Women, especially colored women, have a certain sauce when it comes to having hair that showcases their personality. Since men have their things, being proud of our hair helps women level the playing field and gives us something to be cheerful about.”

Driven said the Jamaican sensation has always been “the extra ‘Spice’ your cabinets need to help make everything in your life feel, look and taste better. 

“With ‘Inches,’ she is millimeters closer to securing a spot on the list for all-time great music artists,” Driven said.

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