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Lady Ira Lewis celebrated at milestone event in Guyana

Lady Ira Lewis, a Guyanese-American socialite, president and founding member of the Guyana American Heritage Foundation, Inc. based in New Jersey, was celebrated with tributes at her milestone event, on Jan. 15, at the Princess Ramada Hotel in Guyana.

The fashionable lady who wore two outfits, first, a yellow and blue floor-length gown designed with ruffles, for the cocktail hour at the hotel’s poolside, and later escorted by her nephew, Dennis Pile, decked in an elegant royal blue gown, designed with crystals, was showered with praise for her thoughtfulness and humanitarian spirit, by friends, family, and associates.

Joy Agness Events organized the grand birthday gala which was emceed by Bobby Viera, radio host and owner of Lite FM 104.1, and the brother-in-law of Mrs. Ira Lewis.

“Your majesty, you are deserving of these tributes. It is wonderful that we get to share these tributes while you are alive. We are not only celebrating your ability to touch the lives of people in Guyana but further afield,” said Viera.

“Blessings to you, so you can transform the lives of future generation. Thanks for all you have done, and may the Lord continue to bless you,” said Darren, who represented his mother, Vonda Liverpool.

Dennis Pile, the nephew of Lady Ira, in a heartfelt tribute, recalled growing up with his aunt from the age of 14.

“I cannot express enough the volume of the relationship I have with my aunt. I am one of the individuals among many others here, whose lives have been transformed, impacted, changed, because of our connection, in one way or the other to my aunt, Mrs. Lewis.

“From very young, I started living with my aunt, and much of what I am today, as an individual is directly related to the influence and impact she has had in my life,” said Pile.

“Growing up as a little boy, the responsibility that she entrusted me with, had enabled me to become mature, in a decent and respectable way, respecting others and caring for things that belong to others,” he said.

Lady Ira Lewis, fifth from left, wearing a royal crown, surrounded by ladies at her birthday celebration at the Princess Ramada Hotel Guyana.  Leon Munro

“When I started living with my aunt, I began dreaming of what I could become. Over the years, I became someone whose life has changed, because of the love of my aunt, because of the kindness she has shown me, because of the love I have enjoyed, being in her company, and presence.”

“I had many years to sing happy birthday, and this one, perhaps, among you, is important, because this is the first time I have the opportunity, to publicly say happy birthday to my aunt. I love you much.”

“On behalf of all my family, we love you, and it is my hope and prayer, that by the grace of God, he navigates you to walk closer with him. Let God empower you,” said Pile

“Lady Ira, you are a woman of substance, you are a woman who people can depend on, you make a difference in people’s lives. I love that you are helping people. Happy birthday to you, special woman. May God continue to bless you, so you could continue to do the great work you are doing,” said Desiree Edghill.

Timothy Roberts in turn, celebrated Lewis with an emotional gospel tune, telling her she looked beautiful.

Right after that with mellow music in the backdrop, Lady Ira Lewis, was joined by her nephew, Dennis Pile, to cut the beautifully decorated yellow and blue birthday cake, before being honored with a drumming salute.

In her response, the birthday lady, thanked God who is the head of her life, and acknowledged family, friends and associates, such as Amanda Hermanstine, for being a part of her journey. “Call for whatever you want, and you will get it.”

Lewis, a legislative aide to Assemblywoman Britnee N. Timberlake, of the 34th Legislative District, New Jersey, appreciated the evening’s festivities, saying it was hard for her to sit back and allow others to do things for her, since she grew up doing everything for herself.

The fabulous lady, who wore an encrusted crown, signifying her life of royalty, and surrounded with ladies dressed in yellow, gold, and blue, added, that she felt wonderful others were honoring her, and shared that whichever country she travels to, she goes there with purpose.

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