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Kabaka Pyramid drops ‘Energy’

Renowned reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid has teamed up with the legendary dancehall artist Sean Paul for an electrifying remix of his single “Energy,” featuring the talented Jemere Morgan of the esteemed Morgan Heritage lineage.

“This invigorating track showcases the Jamaican artists’ jubilant spirits, as they bask in the joys of life and repel any negativity in their path,” Ronnie Tomlinson, the Jamaican-born chief executive officer of the New York-based Destine Media, told Caribbean Life on Monday.

Produced by the acclaimed Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, Tomlinson, a Brooklyn resident, said the remix is included in the deluxe edition of Kabaka’s GRAMMY-winning and critically acclaimed album “The Kalling,” released in 2022.

“This collaboration is set to infuse a fresh and dynamic perspective into the original song, further enhancing the brilliance of an already stellar album,” Tomlinson said.

She said the first single from the deluxe edition of “The Kalling,” the “Energy” remix “promises to captivate audiences, accompanied by an exhilarating music video directed by the visionary Xtreme Arts.”

Reflecting on the collaboration, Sean Paul said: “Energy is a fundamental element needed to connect with people genuinely.

“The energy Kabaka gave me when we first met is one that stayed with me, reflecting how my music influenced him during his formative years,” he added. “Working on this remix was truly uplifting, as Kabaka has swiftly made his mark in the music industry despite his relatively short time here.”

Tomlinson urged fans to “prepare for an explosive collaboration that is poised to ignite the reggae and dancehall realms with its infectious energy and pulsating rhythms.”

In the words of Kabaka Pyramid, “Energy is about safeguarding your vitality from those who seek to diminish your spirit. Collaborating with SP for the first time was a dream come true, given his profound impact on my musical journey.

“His remarkable verse exceeded my expectations, embodying humility and devotion to music, much like myself and Zilla,” he added. “Jemere’s uplifting vocals infuse the track with a lively dynamic that resonates with enthusiasm.”

“As we gear up for the music video’s release, expect a visual that echoes the vibrancy and exuberance of the track, encapsulating a fusion of high energy, dance sequences, and a dash of theatrical flair, illustrating that no one can dampen our spirits,” Tomlinson said.

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