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Justice Corp Guyana celebrates first anniversary

HUMAN RIGHTS advocacy organisation, Justice Corp (Guyana) Inc., celebrated its first anniversary on Sunday, after a year of representing the vulnerable in society faced with grave injustices.

The organisation was formed with the aim of supporting individuals whose rights have been affected due to inadequate finances, non-access to the requisite authorities and those with ill-intention taking advantage of the situation.

Justice Corp (Guyana) works, therefore, in representation of these individuals to place them back on the level playing field. The organisation has held numerous outreach activities and programmes resulting in interaction from various ethnic, political, religious, cultural and social groups.

Along with its live call-in televised programme, titled “Real Justice”, aired weekly to audiences across Guyana, the response from the general public has been overwhelming. Earlier this year, the programme had brought to the fore the plight of a community of over 700 households, just off the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, at Circuitville, facing a land dispute which could render them homeless.

“Justice Corp (Guyana) Inc., as anticipated, is now saddled with over one thousand clients. This includes an entire village and counting from all across Guyana with complaints of being cheated out of property issues, false accusations, domestic abuse, NIS, labour, public assistance, rape, police brutality, with alleged injustices from the justice system, just to mention a few. All are being dealt with professionally, competently and most of all compassionately,” the Corp stated.

With the positive response from the general public, Justice Corp (Guyana) reports that an entire vulnerable community is benefitting from a magnanimous survival livelihood initiative by stabilizing and elevating their community in its entirety.

“This demonstrates that Justice Corp (Guyana) Inc. is indeed a front runner of representing the vulnerable in our society,” the organisation said in celebration of its first anniversary.

Despite the prolonged elections impasse and the COVID-19 pandemic, Justice Corp (Guyana) Inc. maintains an open-door policy. Though challenges were encountered during this first year, it has managed to strengthen and encourage its membership to continue the much-needed representation.

This has resulted in Justice Corp (Guyana) Inc. being positioned to pursue other meaningful tasks in accomplishing its objectives, bringing to the fore, for the first time in Guyana, a local programme titled “Impact Guyana” that focuses on what positively impacts the Guyanese Society. It is a two-fold project which also presents a COVID-19 awareness message in the form of a visual jingle titled “COVID Savvy”. It’s presently being aired on radio and television throughout the country, and also on social media.

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