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Jo Mersa Marley ‘Made It’

Following in his grandfather’s, Bob Marley, footsteps Jo Mersa Marley, son of Stephen Marley, is gearing up to release his feature EP “Eternal” on May 21.

To precede the release of this long-anticipated project, Jo Mersa Marley, on April 23, released “Made It”, the second single off of the EP.

Produced by Silent Addy and Bombocat, “’Made It’ celebrates the day, when walking away from the constraints of the nine-to-five becomes a reality, and the longing of fulfilling that dream as the only mission,” according to Jamaican entertainment promoter Ronnie Tomlinson, of the Brooklyn-based Destine Media.

Tomlinson told Caribbean Life on Tuesday that, in producing “Made It”, Jo Mersa Marley stepped “outside of the moniker of a Marley to look through the lens of an artist who had to work multiple jobs to feed his passion or provide for a family.

“’Made It’ is a track that millions upon millions can relate to; struggling to find their way out of the confines of ‘working to live’ to find freedom in passion and life itself,” Tomlinson said.

Featuring a reggae, afro-pop-infused sound, she said “Made It” provides the “long-anticipated taste of the sound, feel and tone of Jo Mersa Marley’s upcoming EP Eternal.”

Marley’s latest project, “Eternal”, includes seven original tracks including: “Guess Who’s Coming Home”; “Yo Dawg feat”, Busty Signal; “Company feat”, Melii; “Made It feat”, Kabaka Pyramid; “No Way Out feat”; “Black Am I”; “Thinking”; and That Dream.

Tomlinson said the status of the Marley bloodline comes with its fair share of expectations.

“Eager to bring honor to his family while maintaining his unique sound and style, ‘Made It’ sets the tone for the ‘Eternal’ EP and setting Jo Mersa Marley’s work apart as a force to be reckoned with in the modern reggae scene,” she said.

“Through proof of legacy, dedication to the craft and unwavering commitment to sharing the joy of music with the masses, Jo Mersa Marley’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the upcoming release of his feature EP Eternal,’” Tomlinson added.

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