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Haitian chef releases ‘Taste of Solitude’ cookbook

Haitian-born author, Nadege Fleurimond,is inspiring a new generation of foodies with her cook-book, Taste of Solitude, a collection of Haitian-fused recipes, available this week on Amazon.com, in book format.

“The full-color 124-page, 28 recipes volume, a culinary journey is a combination of stories, feelings and emotions happening during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Fleurimond.

“This is an up-lifting journal. Whatever is happening in life, there is always lessons to take away from it, and connections to be made, even while it seems like the world is falling apart,” she added.

Fleurimond told Caribbean Life, putting together the book, was a gradual process, noting that it was important to share appetizing fused Haitian food with various cultures. The cooking collection includes, savory, sweet, and drinks that represent the Caribbean.”

She raves about her grapefruit, tomato and pineapple marmalade, rum infused coconut, passion fruit mojito, and mouthwatering Escovitch fish with onion relish, all entertaining servings that would charm everyone.

She described her food as being easy to have a conversation over. “Haitian cuisine is very special, bold, and packed with flavor. I have never met anyone who didn’t like Haitian food. Food is my entry point to introduce people to my culture and history,” said the caterer, who expounded that her cooking has many influences.

“Written during the COVID-19 pandemic and a time of heightened racial tensions, ‘Taste of Solitude’ is inspired by a wide range of flavors from the New York city dining scene, to Asian, African, French, Latin American, Caribbean, and European cuisines to create delectable culinary experiences that inspire, motivate, and unify,” said Fleurimond.

The author of “Haiti Undercover” her first book, believes that this book can serve as a bridge connecting and bringing people from different cultures together, especially during a time of division and hatred. “Food is often a connector,” she said.

“It helps us to celebrate our differences, as well as our similarities — it’s all in the pot!”

The versatile young woman who was a contestant on the popular Food Newtwork, cooking show, “Chopped” is a successful chef and entrepreneur who was featured in Food and Wine, Epicurious, the NY Daily News, and BET.

Growing up as a Haitian immigrant, Nadege Fleurimond had never seen her cuisine and culture represented in mainstream media. She remembers hiding her lunch in middle school, ashamed of being judged, which made her feel like an outsider.

Through her passion for food and cooking, she transformed these feelings of shame into pride and has made it her mission to celebrate her cuisine and culture.

“Food to me is more than nourishment,” said Nadege, “It is culture, it is pride, and it is part of our identity.”

Fleurimond is also launching an embroidered Carabella Apron line, which highlights and promotes Haitian paintings and culture. Carabella denim was chosen for her designs, as it represents tradition, culture, and a rich heritage that is worth celebrating and preserving.

Fleurimond, who migrated to the US, at the tender age of seven years old, has a multitude of talents.

A graduate of Columbia University, with a degree in Political Science, Fleurimond, before changing careers, shared her political knowledge as an aid to Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, while making tremendous contributions to her community.

She later went on to launch a catering company 18 years ago.

As the CEO of Fleurimond Catering Inc., she has catered at the White House and for organizations including Ann-Hauser Busch, Columbia University, New York City Hall, BET News, The Colbert Report, and Healthcorps.

To learn more, join the chef on Instagram: ROARIOR Tips @ROARIORTRIBE,

www.nadegefleurimond.com, www.roariorshop.com

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