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From Georgia to Georgetown, re-migrant renews love for Guyana opens hotel, restaurant, bar

Guyanese re-migrant Mark Bindah told Caribbean Life recently, that he fell in love with Guyana all over again, after a mesmerizing vacation, two years ago. The owner of Flavas Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar, located in the heart of Georgetown, is enjoying his affection for his land of birth, after opening the business in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 195 Charlotte Street eatery designed with dining areas and a large hi-tech kitchen, serves a fusion of Guyanese American cuisine, including creole dishes. He said Flavas, with multicultural vibes, is home to the largest burger. The monster eat is 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches high and is one of the favorites on the menu.

In addition to a Hookah bar, Latin music night, a comedy night, Karaoke Monday & Wednesday) nights, from 6:30 pm, as well as special sporting tournaments viewed on flatscreen televisions, the businessman is hyped about his new venture, that has become a popular spot for both, overseas Guyanese, and locals.

The open concept building, connecting Cummings Street and Orange Walk, in Bourda, a stone’s throw from one of the city’s biggest shopping centers, with the same name, also houses casino gaming rooms on both levels. The hotel boasts 16 luxurious suits on the top level, overlooking the strip, easily accessible to Regent Street — a main artery. The all-inclusive facility, with top-of-the-line amenities, a 24-hour security system, private taxi service, and private party spaces, is a gem in the community.

Mark Bendah, who lived in the United States for 43 years, in one of his sports bars at Flavas Hotel, Restaurant and Bar, a multicultural business in Georgetown.Photo by Tangerine Clarke

After living in New York for 26 years, Bindah moved to Georgia to escape the cold weather and opened the original “Island Flavas” restaurant in Atlanta. However, after Georgia too, became bleak, he said he decided to go further south (South America), and while visiting his homeland in 2020 he looked around, and realized this is where he wanted to stay.

“I fell in love with Guyana all over again,” he chuckled, noting that after returning around the election season two years ago, he used the opportunity to explore re-migrating, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Today, “Flavas” is a thriving, bright spot in the mix of Guyana’s bustling metropolis day and night life, where the entrepreneur says the food is delicious, the tropical weather is wonderful, and he is happy being back home after 43 years of living in the United States.

The popular, friendly guy, who attracts a large mix of patrons, is cognizant of Guyana’s changing population of Latinos from Venezuela and Brazil, as such, his staff and service, reflect the changing demographic, at the dine-in, outdoor-seating, with all-you-can eat buffet restaurant.

“When I visited the market and saw the fresh fruits and vegetables. I said, I’m home,” mused Bindah, a building contractor by profession, who no doubt conceptualized the same all-inclusive designed space that once welcomed patrons in the Peachtree state.

Bihdah calls the spot – the entertainment hub, with a truly enjoyable experience, adding, anyone could stay at the affordably priced US$65.00 per night hotel stay, as well as the competitively priced meals and cocktails.

For more information, go to, cal 592-682-7233 or email [email protected]

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