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Friends Only, Mass Appeal ‘Never Be the Same’

The Natalie Prospere and Friends Only curated project, Friends Only, Jamaica has dropped its first culture-bridging single, via Mass Appeal, “Never Be the Same.” With collaboration from Ft. Buddy, Kabaka Pyramid, MediSun, EarthGang and Hector Roots Lewis, the single is produced by Dre Day. Prospere said she was “keen on creating an organic world that merges cultures,” stating that “Never Be the Same” is “sure to pull you in.” “’Never Be the Same’ is a strong lead track that encapsulates the essence of last summer where Friends Only, Jamaica was spontaneously recorded in Ocho Rios, Jamaica,” Prospere said. “The track effortlessly fuses the passion of some of the best lyricists from the US rap scene, Buddy and EarthGang with the staple rhythm, vocal prowess, and heart of Jamaica’s reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid, Hector Roots Lewis and MediSun,” she added. Prospere said “’Never Be the Same’s’ enticing tempo and high energy from start to finish, with its smooth chorus solidifies its immense replay value.

Singer Buddy with Dreday, song producer at the computer. Nikii Kane

“’Never Be the Same’ is sure to get you excited about what’s to come from Friends Only, Jamaica — an album that is full of surprises and vocal pairings that will withstand the test of time,” she added. “Stay tuned!” Friends Only Jamaica said its mission is “to bridge the gap between our favorite local talent in Jamaica and visiting artists and producers from the US.” Friends Only is a creative company founded by Prospere “that believes true art comes from pure and authentic collaborations amongst friends and peers.” Based in Los Angeles, the company specializes in equitable artist partnerships, via a record label and other services, such as brand deals and event programming. Keep up with friends only: Youtube: Friendsonlyofficial | Instagram:@Friendsonlyofficial;Twitter: @FriendsOnlyOfcl. Follow Mass Appeal @massappealrecs | @massappeal

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