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Driven on domestic violence awareness campaign

Marie Driven, the Haitian American managing partner and co-founder of the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, Playbook Media Group (PlaybookMG), has said she has wrapped up Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a particular idea in mind.

She has partnered with boxers and mixed martial artists to offer self-defense courses for survivors.

Driven said she delved into the “complicated topic,” via numerous online platforms, over the past few weeks, both as a guest speaker and a moderator, with the mission of helping to raise funds for people impacted by domestic violence and are still surviving.

Recently, she opened up on social media to share her own very personal story.

“On May 13, 2020, I was physically abused by the person I was dating,” she said. “It was such a shocker to me, because I would never think he would take his anger so far, especially with my birthday being a week away.

“I will always remember my two black eyes and a broken nose, which motivated me to protect myself to engage in self-defense training and women empowerment,” she added. “I decided to build strength with my trainer and started to box with my boxer to learn how to defend myself.

Through the healing process, Driven said she discovered that sessions with Solfitness @solfitness7 helped with coping with “the trauma,” and that they “positively impacted mental and physical recovery.”

She said they inspired her to “organize this program for domestic violence survivors and (to) encourage others to activate their power within.”

Driven urged readers to help fund the Driven Against Domestic Violence Self Defense Courses via online donation:

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