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Does your workplace share these qualities?

What makes a great place to work? These qualities are worth noting. They are the critical difference between company that is thriving one that is simply staying afloat.

Leadership is involved and engaged: When leaders show they understand what’s going on in their organization and hold themselves to the same standard as everyone else, it’s easier for employees to get behind the company’s mission.

Communication is a top priority: Open and timely communication builds transparency and trust that goes both ways. It unites employees and leadership under the same goals. Employees are able to share concerns and feel heard. Feedback also can help leaders navigate decisions with the employees’ best interests in mind.

An intentional culture: A great place to work is about more than just fun employee perks; it’s about building an intentional company culture by consistently improving employee engagement, communication, and trust. A healthy company culture is a powerful way to stand out, promote your unique brand, and make a statement to potential recruits.

Leadership identifies areas for improvement: Top workplaces use employee feedback to better understand what makes a great workplace and also pinpoint areas where more effort is needed to create positive change. Transparency is often what makes a great workplace in the eyes of top talent. Employees appreciate an organization that is committed to honesty and growth rather than denial and stagnation.

Innovation is critical to success: Innovation keeps an organization at the top of its game, allowing it to flex its competitive muscles and take pride in the work. Innovation also inspires employees to do great work and contribute toward the greater good of the company.

Individuals are empowered to grow: Employees who are happy in life also are happy at work. Great companies offer plenty of opportunity for employees to learn and grow as individuals. This investment in people not only increases an organization’s talent pool, it makes it easier to retain those skilled individuals long-term while attracting new talent.

Competitive compensation and benefits: Organizations that are truly people-focused compensate their employees appropriately and offer compelling benefits. This might include two-way performance reviews, a living wage based on your location, a profit-sharing program, or wellness offerings such as free gym membership, free counselling sessions, and dedicated spaces for rest and renewal.

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations often have to get creative to stand out in a crowd. Earning a Top Workplaces award not only attracts prospective employees that might have not otherwise been drawn to your organization, but can also impact business outcomes, as companies may favor working with an award-winning company over the rest.

Nominate your company as a New York City Top Workplace at . Laura Brinton is content marketing director at Energage, a Philadelphia-based research and consulting firm that surveyed more than 2 million employees at more than 7,500 organizations in 2019. Energage is the research partner for Top Workplaces.

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