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DJ Spinall, Kranium collaborate ‘Everytime’

Being a massive fan of music of all types, DJ Spinall says he loves diversed and cultured music in all genres throughout the world, including Jamaican dancehall sensation Kranium.

A staple in Afrobeats, Spinall says he can relate to Kranium when it comes to being a mainstay in their respective genres.

Thus, it was not difficult for the international artists to collaborate on “Everytime,” the title of their new single.

“Two different genres, but two amazing artists put their best foot forward and create a smooth new single that encapsulates the power of international music,” said Haitian American entertainment promoter, Marie Driven, the managing partner of the Brooklyn-based PlaybookMG.

Driven said “Everytime” provides “a melodramatic beat” with “uranium harmonic vocals, which pleases listeners by the ear with every listen.”

She said Spinall and Kranium “have a history of coming together and doing good work.

Jamaican dancehall sensation Kranium.

“The last notable one was a live performance at MTN Tidal in 2018, where Kranium and Spinall captivated fans from all over the world by blending their sounds super effortlessly,” Driven said.

She said accompanying “Everytime” is “a luxuriously shot and seductive music video that emphasizes the sultry tone of the song.

“Spinall is seen sipping on expensive dark liquor while being in the presence of a beautiful African woman,” she said. “In contrast, Kranium is seen seeing his lyrics throughout various scenes in the visual.”

“I have to listen to everything,” Spinall said. “Music is universal; you can create whatever you can create.

“My inspiration comes from everything,” he added. “And, of course, Kranium is one of the artists I respect, and it’s been a great pleasure working with him.

“Now we got a single together, which we hope that it captures your heart every time,” continued Spinall, stating that he not wants to do more work with Kranium but with more artists of all genres.

“He believes that the diversity of music is beautiful, and all different types of sounds matter,” Driven said.

“Living true to his moniker, DJ Spinall, the DJ and producer, looks to leave his mark in many different genres and among many various artists all over the world,” she added.  “Now watch as he taps Kranium for a new single, which makes you repeat on your favorite music stream app ‘Everytime!’”

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