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CG Brotherson marks Guyana’s 45th Republic Anniversary with First Deputy Commissioner Kinsella

Consul General of Guyana to New York, Ambassador Michael E. Brotherson on Thursday, Feb. 22, welcomed compatriots to a Republic Day Observance in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Guyana to the United Nations, against a backdrop of pride and patriotism.

The 228 45th St., Manhattan office festooned with the colors of the Golden Arrowhead flag and images of Guyana’s beautiful landscape represented the achievements the country attained on Feb. 23, 1970.

“As we celebrate this anniversary, it is fitting for us to acknowledge and feel proud of the myriad strides our nation has made over the past five decades. But more so, our achievement in recent years,” said Ambassador Brotherson.

Consul General of Guyana to New York Ambassador Michael E. Brotherson, center, surrounded by his dedicated staff at a 54th Republic Day Observance at the Guyana Consulate in Manhattan, on Feb. 22. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

“It is vital to reiterate that Guyanese at home and abroad must continue to value the role each of us plays in the political, economic and social development of our nation.”

“I urge all Guyanese groups and diaspora members to embrace and promote a spirit of cooperation, love, peace and harmony as our nations climbs to an irreversible era of sustained prosperity,” he said.

Noting that New York is home to the largest Guyanese diaspora, and their descendants, the diplomat, expressed the consulate’s willingness to continue to foster and engender even deeper and more sustained relationship – “a mandate President Iraan Ali has given, and has an abiding interest in seeing fulfilled,” he noted and extended anniversary greetings on behalf of the commander-in-chief, the government, people of Guyana, and the consulate.

“I am pleased to express a happy Republic Anniversary. The Permanent Mission of Guyana to the United States is also extremely delighted that you can join us on this special occasion, at a time when Guyana is experiencing an unprecedented epoch of economic growth and development.”

“We also celebrate Mashramani, an integral element of our Republic commemorative activities at home, and today I take the opportunity to invite those of you who have not visited home recently, to do so especially at this historic and exciting time of Guyana’s progress.

“Over the past 54 years, our people through our collective efforts and patriotism have built a nation of profound worth and accomplishments. Guyana is one of the fastest-growing economies. As a result of such development, our nation has taken on leadership roles in several aspects of regional, hemispheric, and international issues,” he said.

“Our president participates in numerous international fora, within the bilateral, and multilateral contexts. His active leadership and advocacy on the crucial global issues of food, climate and energy security resonate well, and have served to enhance Guyana’s image.”

The diplomat applauded President Ali, and described him as an energetic visionary, who’s transformative and people centered approach to governance, is a compelling catalyst for his avid proclivity for accelerating Guyana’s development for the benefit of all Guyanese.

“I take this opportunity to urge all citizens at home and abroad to renew our commitment to our homeland and continue to vigorously rally and defend against any threat to our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Ambassador Brotherson.

“Guyanese must increase advocacy and support for their country’s extant development trajectory and remain unwavering in a quest to ensure that the nation’s democratic values are maintained and cherished.”

“This is the appropriate way to observe our 54th Republic Anniversary,” concluded the diplomat.

A colorfully dressed audience pay rapt attention to speakers during a 54th Republic Day Observance at the Guyana Consulate in Manhattan, on Feb. 22. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The gathering, that was entertained with a rendition of ‘Oh Beautiful Guyana” by Jevanah La Rose, who sang the National Anthems of Guyana and American, emceed by Isaiah Chappell and blessed by Rev. James Richmond, enjoyed a warm welcome from Permanent Representative of Guyana to the UN, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, who recalled that Guyana cut the final vestige of the chord that “tied us to a foreign power and embarked on our journey as a republic.”

“We continue to invest in our people, uphold the tenets of democracy, and work tirelessly to ensure the stability of our nation,” said Ambassador Rodrigues-Birkett, who worked diligently for Guyana to be elected to join the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member, effective January 2024, for a two-year term.

She said Guyana’s food production, manufacturing, forestry, and healthcare sectors have, and continue to expand, securing a brighter future and a robust support system, for every citizen.

“Infrastructure continues to expand rapidly, connecting our people, enabling trade, and opening pathways to development and success,” said Ambassador Rodrigues-Birkett, adding, “it is also fitting that as we celebrate our achievements and continue this journey of building a better Guyana, that we honor our ancestors on whose shoulders we stand.”

“Let us celebrate our beautiful diversity and be inspired by the resilience that has carried us thus far and commit to the defense and celebration of our sovereignty, the good stewardship of our resources, the prosperity of our nation, and the unity of our people,” expressed Ambassador Birkett.

First Deputy Commissioner, NYPD Tania Kinsella addresses a colorfully dressed gathering during a 54th Republic Day Observance in Manhattan. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Special guest, First Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD, Tania Kinsella, of Guyanese and Jamaican heritage, the first Guyanese, and African American woman to serve in that role, spoke of growing up in the Bronx, while noting how honored she was to be in a room of citizens from her mother’s country of birth.

“I was raised on pepper pot, and curry chicken twice a week, quipped the law enforcement officer,” said Kinsella, adding that she was blessed to be in the role of a high-ranking officer, second to the police commissioner.

“I wasn’t elected I’ve been a cop for 21 years. I started out fighting crime in 2003. I wasn’t elected for this position by Mayor Adams, whom I love so much, and who is a huge advocate for every community, and every culture in New York City. Taking care of communities and the city is what I do best,” shared Commissioner Kinsella.

Communications Officer of the Jamaica Consulate, Charistopher Benjamin delivering a message on behalf of the Consular Corps, during a 54th Republic Day Observance at the Guyana Consulate in Manhattan, on Feb. 22. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Communications Officer of the Jamaica Consulate, Christopher Benjamin, on behalf of CG Alsion Wilson, and the CARICOM Consular Corps, congratulated Guyana on its magnificent milestone, while applauding its remarkable development that is sweeping across the country.

“Guyana stands on the cusp of a new era of growth and prosperity driven by transformative projects and initiatives. It serves as a beacon of potential and progress within the Caribbean community. The Caribbean Sea is a symbol of our shared heritage and our collective destiny lands at the shores of our diverse nations, binding us together in a tapestry of cultures histories and aspirations.”

“We would also like to pay tribute to Consul General Ambassador Michael Brotherson for his unfailing support and dedication to the work of the CARICOM grouping, by fostering unity in collaboration, and prosperity among our nations, that underscores the essence of our community, the potential for strength, and transformative impact when we stand together as one.

“As we celebrate Guyana’s 54th Republic Day, let’s not forget that this land affectionately known as the land of many waters has once again proven that its greatness is not just in its rivers and stature but its ability to navigate the currents of change and progress,” said Benjamin.

Fazal Yussuff, advisor-Investment & Diaspora Affairs, in closing remarks, lauded the county of six races, each with its unique traditions and cultural beliefs, but which stand united as “One Guyana.”

He hailed the recently passed budget as the largest, and told nationals, that with prudent financial planning, governance, and a vision for a better future, “our people will reap the benefits.” Yussuff noted the several new highways, an expansion in the agro sector, home ownership, increased old age pension among the life enhancement initiatives for all.

“Your presence here this evening in celebrating Guyana’s 54th Republic Anniversary is a clean message, and demonstration that our solidarity in the diaspora is strong in support of our country,” he said.

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