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Can’t keep a ‘Wombman’ down: Sweetz

In a woman-empowering anthem, Sweetz uses “Wombman” to encourage women to “continue being bosses in any and every space,” according to Jimmy Forte, artist representative at Creators Island Agency.

“The 27-year-old goes back to her Caribbean roots to convey in her new Afro-Dancehall record that no one can keep a ‘Wombman’ down,” Forte told Caribbean Life on Wednesday.

Forte said Sweetz, whose real name is Musulyn Myers, is an international singer and songwriter, who “has constructed a lane for herself and does not plan on switching lanes while she roves this very long road to success.

“After spending some time in and out of shoddy record deals, Sweetz has decided to take her career into her own hands,” said Forte, whose agency represents Sweetz. “And this comeback will prove that she can’t be stopped.

“Despite the fact that her stage name is Sweetz, the carefree, yet, audacious young woman isn’t afraid to speak up,” Forte added. “This time around, she has way more to say and will be heard.”

Very certain of what she wants these days, Forte said the Liberian native “goes back to her Afro-Caribbean roots to convey that you can’t keep a good ‘Wombman’ down.”

Sweetz said: “Africa is up next, and it’s time I expose a little more of what we have to offer musically to the world.

“While pursuing this dream, I refuse to become a watered-down international artist who conforms to society’s standard of what great music is supposed to sound like,” she affirmed.

“Wombman” is available on major platforms. You can watch the video on Youtube:

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