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Brooklyn woman giving credit where it’s due during pandemic

A Bushwick, Brooklyn nanny who spent over 30 years helping families in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey with their children has now turned her attention to helping others improve their credit score.

Lafleur Duncan, 53 – a Vincentian-born former wing defense and goal defense in netball with the Brooklyn-based Vincentian netball club, Hairoun, in the Caribbean American Netball Association (CANA) championship – told Caribbean Life on Tuesday that losing her job as a nanny, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a blessing in disguise. 

“COVID changed my life after losing my nanny position,” said Duncan, who migrated to Brooklyn in 1988 from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, stating that the last family she worked with, as a nanny in Brooklyn Heights, moved back to New Orleans during the pandemic. 

Duncan, the mother of two sons and a grandmother of one, had previously worked as a nanny in Manhattan and Bellemeade, NJ. 

“I was giving this opportunity to help people in the US become financially free, teaching financial literacy, as a credit consulting agent,” she added. “I am happy to help families with excellent credit.” 

Duncan — who hails from Cedars, along the eastern coast of mainland St. Vincent — said she was invited on a Zoom call by Jamaican Nicole Henry Brown, a fellow church member at Freedom Hall Church of God, an evangelical church, on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn. 

“I went on the call, listened to the presentation and little did I know that I was already affiliated with the company, getting my credit restored,” she said. 

“And, at the end of the call, the presenter said to go back to the person who invited you; and, then, he said, don’t go anywhere yet, we have another presenter who is going to tell you how you can be a part of the company, starting your own business, being in the business for yourself but not by yourself,” Duncan added. 

Duncan said she already has “a lot of people who needed the credit restoration.”

“This opportunity can also leave a legacy for your family,” she said. “When you retire, your children or grandchildren can continue the business. This opportunity has changed my life, my why – to make a better life for myself and my family, and helping families become financially free. 

“My goal is to change at least 1,000 lives this year by helping them gain their buying power back, starting with credit restoration,” Duncan added. “You may not need my services, but some of your family and friends might. 

“If you have a 300-699 credit score and want an increase, I have a connection that legally erases negative things like repos, foreclosures, late payments, medical, student loans evictions and more,” she continued. 

Duncan can be reached at 917-588-0141; or by email at

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