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APNU+AFC iterates position on ‘Valid Votes’

THE APNU+AFC has stated that it will not remain silent while authorities — local and abroad — ignore evidence of electoral fraud in Guyana’s elections and made known its calls, once again, on Sunday, for “valid votes” only, to determine the outcome of the elections.

In a press release, the coalition party said that it has written a total of 63 letters to the Chair and Secretariat of the Elections Commission requesting that these and other issues which were “parked” be dealt with.

The party said that it speaks volumes that it has only received 6 responses to the 63 letters. As a major stakeholder in the elections, the party said that it finds this “totally unacceptable”.

It noted GECOM’s current position that “fraudulent votes” be included in the final tabulations coming out of the 33-day recount process but contended that all fraudulent votes must be excluded.

“We recall that in our press release of June 7, 2020, APNU+AFC noted, with disappointment, the decision of GECOM to tabulate and include over 11,000 fraudulent votes found in 47 ballot boxes from the East Coast of Demerara and others revealed in the laborious recount process which have been carefully quantified and discrepancies verified from authorizing agencies,” the APNU+AFC stated.

The coalition said that it entered into the recount process with the expectation that the misgivings regarding the Mingo declarations would be investigated and, even so, unlike what took place in 1997 under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), President David Granger did not secretly have himself sworn in.

The APNU stated that the President instead suggested a recount, noting that his party has nothing to hide. What came out of the said process, the APNU+AFC stated, was “indications of massive fraud and rigging perpetrated and to the benefit of the PPP/C.”

According to the party, gazetted Order No. 60 of 2020 outlined an approach and, as Appeal Court Judge Brassington Reynolds in his ruling stated, “Counsel for the second-named respondent [Chairperson of GECOM] admitted that GECOM did set as its objective, determining the final credible count of votes.”

“With this in mind we find it unconscionable that the fraud found in 1,261 infected boxes, revealed under the watchful eyes and in the presence of local and international observers, members of the diplomatic community and election agents from all the political parties, received no condemnation. These groups with their continued silence on this fraud have displayed their absence of fairness and impartiality which has spawned a suspicion and lack of trust amongst the more than 236,000 APNU+AFC supporters who voted in these elections. This threatens the stability of Guyana,” the coalition put forward.

It added that, coupled with the threat of COVID-19; the unfolding events in Venezuela; and the constant threatening comments directed to GECOM, the President, Government officials and supporters when GECOM has not yet made a declaration, is a clear indication of a “carefully orchestrated plan to oust a legitimately elected government” and to implement regime change.

APNU+AFC said that these developments are contrary to the democratic principles the coalition holds dear and therefore reiterated its call for results based only on votes which can be verified as credible.

In response, on the same day, the PPP/C stated that the APNU+AFC has a “delusion notion of an electoral victory” contending that all allegations of fraud are unsubstantiated.

The party further contended that the coalition continues to speak to matters already set aside by the Court. It went as far as to make light of the seriousness of mental illness by suggesting that the author of the press release was “schizophrenic” and “in dire need of psychiatric attention”.

The PPP/C stated: “If anything at all, this statement is proof to the world that the rigging cabal has clearly lost their minds and remains a threat of danger to Guyana and its people.”

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