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Anxiety in Barbados sport

Several sporting organizations in Barbados and their member athletes are fidgeting while waiting on the go-ahead to run off their programs as the authorities, like typical government bureaucrats, twiddle their thumbs.

Earlier this month the Athletics Association of Barbados (AAB) had no choice but to cancel a beach run, its first event for the 2020 to 2021 season, because the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit had not permitted the organization to host any events.

Barbados TODAY online newspaper reported that it sought to clarify the situation with the COVID-19 Unit’s Director, Ronald Chapman, but that officer did not answer questions, indicating that he was on leave.

Not much progress was made with the person acting in Chapman’s position, Allison Elcock, who reportedly said, “I cannot comment on that matter at this time. But what I can tell you is that we are reviewing all applications and requests and we are seeking to respond in a timely fashion as soon as possible. So, they all would be dealt with.”

The bureaucratic indifference of these officials means that many athletes of Barbados’ internationally recognized sporting organizations who have been left to languish since the onset of the pandemic more than six months ago will have to lay idle even longer.

Some organizations, including Barbados Cricket Association, Barbados Volleyball Association, Barbados Tennis Association and Barbados Hockey Federation have been cleared to resume their sport programs under COVID-19 regulations but numerous others have to lay idle awaiting word from government officials.

Meanwhile, AAB is hoping and wishing for approval to host events before its next scheduled activity, a cross country relay on Nov. 7.

No doubt other associations have their worked-out programs in limbo with similar hopes.

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